Physician Recruitment

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Just bring your stethoscope.
We’ll take care of the rest.

As a doctor, we know that you love practicing medicine, but hate the paperwork.

That’s why One Healthcare Centre provides doctors with a managed practice environment.

Our supportive administrative and nursing staff will ensure that you have as much time and as many resources as you need to treat your patients. By managing all of your administrative, scheduling, marketing and billing tasks, we will ensure you become a better doctor by letting you focus on taking better care of your patients.

You’ll spend less time at the photocopier and more time seeing patients.

A better way to deliver healthcare

One Healthcare Centre will be a medical building that goes above and beyond merely providing services and space for doctors and patients.  We work to make you better: to make you a better doctor, to make your patients' health better, to better the community around us, and to set a benchmark of quality care.

You're invited to join a new family practice and walk-in environment dedicated to improving the health of patients and the practice of doctors.  One Healthcare Centre is a new kind of medical building for a better way of practicing medicine.

Please contact Jody Mangiardi at 416-898-4055 or via email ( ) for further details.